Sanctuary Review

Sanctuary received an amazing review from Authors By Authors owner Kiki Howell!

Authors By Authors Review of "Sanctuary" by Cassidy Hunter

I am so excited to get to review this story. I love this author who also writes under the name of Jane E. Jones.

So, let me begin at the beginning, because this has to be one of the best opening lines ever,

Kimberlyn’s guilt warred with her pleasure. It was difficult to be good when the need grew inside her like a sharp-edged mountain, until her fight was as ineffectual as a fist against an oak tree.

Need I say anything about her gift for description? Also, Ms. Hunter has this ability to glide flawlessly from hot, sizzling sex scenes to description that reads like poetry and back again.

And, if you want fantasy, well imagine yourself a female werewolf tied down and ravished by three men at once in the woods under the moon… And, again I am still just in the opening paragraphs here!

But, Ms. Hunter continues on. The imagery, the scorching sex scenes, the plot building, multiple conflicts…and ahhh…I had that war going on to rush to find out what happens and to take it slow to appreciate all of the details that get you there.

With every bit of passion, every moment of happiness the reader gets, it then gets swept up in the rising conflict until your eyes are reading furiously, your heart beating as if you too can feel the emotions of the wolves, as if as the reader I was linked to them – it is a magical reading experience.

The created intricacies of the pack are nothing short of genius in lending themselves to the storyline, the conflict, the emotions and eventually the resolution. And, for the ending…well, you will just have to read it to see. This book is an experience not to be missed.

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