Happy 4th!

Happy 4th, everyone!

It's a bit cloudy and rainy here today. A good day to write:)

I'm nearing the ending of Sanctuary, and am anxious to finish it because I have two new story ideas that I'm really excited to write. I'll have to decide which one to start when Sanctuary is finished, and which one will have to wait. ;)

I used to write two or three or even four mss at once, but these days I force myself to finish one before I even think about starting another! And let me tell you, it's not easy.

Probably I'll start on the contemporary...or should I make it a western?

Anyway, off to finish up Sanctuary. :)

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  1. Woo Hoo! Can't wait to read Sanctuary. Hope you had a great 4th July.

  2. Hey Danielle! Thanks! I can't wait until it's finished ;)

    I had a nice 4th, wrote a lot since it was so rainy!

    How have you been doing? Writing going well?:)

  3. Writing going very well, although had 4 rejections this last week, but they'll be going somewhere else.

    And I think you should write a western. Would love to read about a red hot cowboy.

  4. Rejections suck, but they'll end up with a good home. Let me know!
    I may just write a hot cowboy:)