New Review of Beauty's Beast

Reviewer BB did a review of my erotic romance, Beauty's Beast, and I've posted it below. The Beauty's Beast book trailer is in the right sidebar if you'd like to watch. Thanks for the awesome review, BB!

The Review:

Beauty’s Beast by Jane E. Jones

The Wild Rose Press, Scarlet Rose

"You have to watch Jane’s Beauty’s Beast video. Wow! You’ll see what I mean!

This story broke my heart as I read of Holly’s life growing up. The things her mother said to her as a child were so heartless…so uncaring. When Holly wasn’t working to help support her mother and sisters, she spent time in the woods…the woods just outside of the Beast’s castle. She watched him, he was always alone…just like her.

One day while Holly is sitting in the middle of the woods at peace watching the animals play, she meets the most handsome man she has ever seen. He is tall, brown haired and Holly thinks his face had “surely been kissed by the gods.” I happen to love that line and will most likely start using it when I see a really cute guy! Ristan speaks to her and when she asks him why he is in the woods, he tells her he is in search of his true love. This starts their relationship, Ristan wants to know everything about her and she him. They start meeting in the woods and soon fall in love–she is finally happy.

The story gets very hot and steamy!

Then Alexavier Verrada wants Holly…and her life changes. So drastically that you have to read the book to fully grasp it. I always put myself into the leading character’s role. I feel what they feel and I have to say…parts of this story are tear jerkers, parts fill you heart with love, other parts are erotic, hot, hot, hot, and some parts twist and turn to keep you fully interested and wanting to see what’s going to happen next with the characters (there is a lot more to this story and I don’t want to give too much away!). It’s an emotional roller coaster for Holly and you’ll love taking the ride with her!

This is a quick read…only 59 pages (piece of cake)–which I read nonstop! There is a great moral to this story. Because you will want to read this erotic story with its twists and turns to the very end, I give this story 4 cocktails!"

Thanks again for the review, BB :)
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  1. Woohoo! Congrats on the terrific review for Beauty's Beast, Jane! :-D