Choosing a Name

In the left sidebar I've posted a poll; I'm trying to choose a second pseudonym for my paranormal/urban fantasy books, and would love if you'd vote on your favorite to help me decide:)

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  1. I voted, and think Cassidy Hunter is an awesome name! Following you on twitter now so if you see someone stalking you with the name lastnerve2000, never fear, Val is here! lol


  2. Hi Val! I like Cassidy Hunter too, and it fits in with the whole paranormal/urban fantasy genre. Thanks so much for voting, and thanks for following me on Twitter :)

  3. I think 'Kathryn Cross' rolls off the tongue beautifully and sounds good.

  4. Thanks, Elizabeth! My problem is that I love all those names. It's too hard for me to choose between them, which is where you all come in ;) Thanks so much for voting!

  5. I love Cassidy Cross. Cassidy Hunter is a close second.

  6. Hey Danielle! There are still a few days. I love all the names, which is not a good thing ;)
    Hopefully I'll get some more votes and it will be decided for me ;)
    Thanks for voting:)