I've become more 'Cassidy Hunter' than Jane E. Jones, but I'll keep that pseudonym and this website. I'm sure I'll still use Jane's name for some straight romance in the future, but right now I'm concentrating more on Cassidy. :)

So if you're here visiting, come on over to www.cassidyhunter.com to get updates and news and information about WIPs, new releases, and more.

I've decided to go back to school, and am busier than ever. Still keeping up with the writing, though. Well, maybe not writing as fast as I was, but still writing as much as possible! :)

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  1. Thanks my girl!!!!! Yes, I heed you to run to Cassidy's place!!!! And make sure you check out her freaking hot book while you are there!!! Hugs honey!!! Miss you!

  2. I must remember that! I sometimes forget to read Cassidy Hunter's blog :)

    Good luck with school and the writing and have a great weekend.