Home Again...

Okay, so I'm back online again. Amber stayed out of the hospital for a little while, but on the day after Thanksgiving, was admitted back into ICU. We just got out today. I'm hoping that this time we'll stay out. Poor kid is so bruised and tired from all the sticks and IVs and shots. Every single day she was stuck multiple times, and not only that but her veins wouldn't stand up to all the meds going into them, and kept blowing. So several IV changes later, we're home. Happy to be here, let me tell ya!

I just have to keep a close watch on her, limit company that comes around-like I didn't do that already-and keep my fingers crossed that she'll stay healthy.

As far as publishing news, everything has been put on a back burner. I didn't finish NaNo, of course, and since we've been in the hospital so much, don't even know what's been going on online.

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