New Review of Puppy Love

BB, one of the reviewers for Textyladies posted a review of my 'sweet' short, Puppy Love, today. Thanks for the wonderful review, BB!

Puppy Love by Jane E. Jones

This is one witty, hilarious, and fun short story! The main character, Sarah, has a missing dog named Casper Salt. The storyline is about just how far Sarah will go to recover her beloved dog. I loved the descriptions Sarah gave to her neighbors…one was “all kinds of crazy” (when I read that, I figured Sarah lived in MY neighborhood!), and another was described as a “hunky muffin” (okay, so maybe she doesn’t live in my neighborhood!). Anyway, I laughed out loud reading this one. I caught myself smiling and laughing throughout the entire short story. My only complaint is…it’s too short–I want MORE of a good thing. Loved it Jane. Please let there be a sequel. The readers will relate the main character to several of their friends…and maybe even themselves. If you are a dog lover…or any kind of pet lover…you will understand the lengths you would go to get your much loved pet back.

Because I’d like this story to continue on and on…I give this short read 4 cocktails!

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Thanks again, BB :)

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  1. Wonderful review, Jane! I hope all is well :)

  2. Thanks, Barbara! Everything is fine here, just busy as usual! How are you doing?