Wicked Promise

Work In Progress

Title: Wicked Promise

Genre: Futuristic Romance

Heat Level: Hot

The Players:

Sophie ‘Wicked’ Vishah…One of the hated eradicators, and Circle City’s best tracker, but only because she has a secret. Desperate to stay away from the desk her father wants to stick her behind, she’ll do nearly anything to make sure that never happens.

Bo Bishop Kelly…A man whose only desire is to get a special little girl out of Circle City before they discover what she is. But with Wicked tracking them, he knows there is only one way to ensure that she never captures them. He’ll have to capture her first.

Wren…Bo’s niece, she is a little girl with some big powers. In Circle City, those who are ‘different’ are taken to labs and never seen again. Only her uncle can save her from a fate that just might be worse than death.

Walker Acosta…The man who loved Wren’s mother, he insists on coming with Bo and Wren to help them pass the border guards and leave Circle City. A weapons expert, he’s known as the Blind Gunman.

Thus Bo must try to get a little girl and a blind man out of the city, with one very determined eradicator tracking his every move.

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