Reviews for Dancing With Johnny

By reviewer Diana Coyle at Night Owl Romance Reviews:

I would love to share a book that I loved written by Jane E. Jones. You shouldn’t pass this one up!

Dancing with Johnny - 8 pages
Author: Jane E. Jones
Genre(s): Erotic Romance - Western/Cowboy/Indian/Texan
Review Date: 1/6/2009
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Street Date: Out Now

SCORE: 4.75 / 5 - Hearts

Annie Red faces a situation that could put her life in great jeopardy, especially since her brother-in-law is the sheriff. But it seems that her emotions are ruling her more than her common sense. Since she is a widow now, her life has changed drastically and she is now realizing her attraction that she is holding for Johnny Curtis, the sexy and dangerous looking long-haired drifter, is very real.

While he takes shelter in her shed she tries her best to hide his tracks in the dirt that he left behind. She knows falling for him is too dangerous because of what the town people are accusing him of, but she has a burning desire to be with him nonetheless.

Does Annie risk everything to be with Johnny, even for just one time? Does her brother-in-law find out where Johnny is hiding? Did Johnny really commit the crime he is being accused of?

Ms. Jones pens a fast-paced story with some powerful scenes that will make your heart skip a beat. The storyline is unique and has such emotionally tense filled moments packed throughout its few pages. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and wished it was much longer. You mustn’t pass this one up!

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