First review of Puppy Love

Your Reviewer Name: Diana Coyle

Author: Jane E. Jones

Book Title: Puppy Love


Review Date: 2/24/09

Score: 4.5

4.5 – 5 = Reviewer Top Pick


I found this to be such a charming tale that Ms. Jones wrote. The author tells the story of how two people, who were next door neighbors, didn’t hit it off very well from their first encounter together.

Sarah loves her dog, Casper Salt, very much and wants nothing to happen to him. Seeing how Michael took so well to the dog the first time he saw him and even picked him up to pet him, Sarah becomes neurotically overprotective of her precious dog. Unfortunately though, it was not as protective as she should have been because now Casper Salt is missing. Without even putting some serious thought into where the dog might be, Sarah immediately accuses Michael of stealing her beloved four legged friend.

If matters weren’t bad enough this far, when Michael leaves his house one night, Sarah sets out on a mission to break into his house to find and rescue Casper Salt. Little does she know the crazy kind of chaos she is going to cause by acting out her foolish scheme.

Ms. Jones did a wonderful job of entertaining me with Sarah’s wild antics. I immediately fell in love with Michael and felt terrible when Sarah accused him of being the dognapper just because he got along so well with Casper Salt. The author sprinkled humor throughout her story that made me laugh out loud. I thoroughly enjoyed this lighthearted story and I would definitely recommend it for others to read. Ms. Jones' story will not disappoint you!

Thanks so much for the wonderful review, Diana. :)

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