Finding the Heat

Work In Progress

Finding the Heat

Genre: Romance

Heat level: Hot

When Judith's husband tells her he has fallen in love with her best friend and wants a divorce, she decides it really is her fault for being so neglectful of their married life and disinterested in the bedroom. She sets out, with the help of her friends, to completely change her attitude and her look, and get him back.

She just can't understand why she doesn't feel that certain spark she's always heard about but never experienced. Until she meets the obnoxious Logan Slaughter. He seems to think she's out to hurt his best friend, and is going to make sure that never happens. Judith is just thankful he doesn't know that even though he scares her half to death, is too rough for words, and pisses her off at every opportunity, she has finally found that elusive heat. Too bad she can't act on it.

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